Vertical & Horizontal Machining

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Concept & Design

We can start with your napkin sketch, full parametric model, or anything in between.  We can provide product drawings, 3D renderings, animations, whatever you need to fully define your idea. 

Precision Fabrication

With a completed design, we'll move to fabrication.  Our CNC router is capable of 2D, 2.5D, and full 3D cutting.  With a 60 inch by 120 inch vacuum table we can work with almost all standard material stock sizes.  Irregular parts can be accomodated with various specialy workholding methods.

Precision, repeatable tolerances, with 0.001" positional accuracy and better than 0.010" full length dimensional accuracy.

We'll lay out your parts as efficiently as possible, choose the appropriate cutting tools, design a cutting strategy, program tool paths, and finally produce your components.

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Assembly, Packaging, Shipping

We can take your components and build into complete finished products or smaller sub-assembles as you require.  We are fully equipped for plastic, wood, and metal assembly and water-base or oil-base finishing.  We can even design a packaging concept, develop and product product and assembly manuals, and provide drop-shipping service as needed.

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Vertical Machining - Anderson & NewCNC Routers:

  • 60" x 140" Work Surface
  • Dual 10hp Vacuum Hold-Down Systems 
  • 12hp Hiteco Spindles
  • 8 Position Automatic Tool Changers
  • Dual-Dual Rack and Pinion Y Axis Drive
  • Ball Screw X and Z Axis Drive
  • FANUS and OSAI Controllers
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Multi-Axis Turning -- Haas ST-20Y:

  • 12" x 23" Material Envelope
  • Dual Spindle 
  • Radial & Axial Live Tooling
  • 12 Position Tool Turret
  • Haas Next Gen Controller
  • Bar Feed Capable
gallery/2017-06-28 12_47_06-hiteco - hf - spindle - catalog download_ itm unitec
Anderson Stratos Pro